Monday, August 29, 2011

Thursday August 25 2011

Today began lamenting the fact that the pool was closing today. So we made a plan to spend as much time as possible at the pool.
We wanted to thank our lifeguards for the amazing job they did this summer. And because it is National Banana Split Day we decided to make up "Banana Split To Go" Bags. We packed candies, nuts, and coconut into their bags. They just needed to add ice cream.(If you do this idea, we wrapped up nuts seperately and checked with each life guard for allergies first before we added them to their Banana Split bags)
Gotta love our tag line: Thanks a bunch...written on the bananas!
Then off to the pool where every feat imaginable was performed
and every goofy trick
And then it was time to go home and eat dinner so that we could...
Come back for more swimming!
Five hours of pool time today and the hope that we've saved up enough of it to last us until next year.
Sniff! Weep! Goodbye pool!
And now that the pool is closed my official mourning over Summer's End has begun.
When summer ends it puts one more year between me and my childhood. And that makes me grieve the passing of the season.
But I'm easily cured when I see edible things...
It was time to celebrate National Banana Split Day!
Ahhhh! A really fun way to end August 25th

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