Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wednesday August 10 2011

Stunning flowers to color up the day
off for an early morning visit with our dear friends from Africa
play at the park and ate a whole plate of cookies
Ran around doing appointments until we got away on horseback and escaped to a farm
where we tried the make shift zip line
and started picking strawberries
looking for the red ripe ones
discovering big, juicy fruit
And on the way back to the car a mud puddle attacked the youngest member of the clan
Eating the spoils of the day make up for it though.
off to the pet store. Seriously, this is the cheapest entertainment out there
That grey fish has it's mouth against the window. It was weird. You had to keep watching it like an accident on the side of the road. You just had to find out what is going on.
a very serious looking fish
coral and stuff
a black and white polka dot fish
a ssssssnake
This is a sloth. You can't tell because the sloth wouldn't pose for me. Imagine that. A non-cooperative sloth. Huh? Who knew? But, rest assured, it is a sloth.
yellow birdies
A cat. I hate cats, just for the record.
awww...sleeping puppy
waterfalls inside the store
home just in time to watch a storm
and hide from the hail!
wrestling Daddy and tickles galore
haircuts and snuggles

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