Sunday, October 9, 2011

Thanksgiving fun

Some turkey-lurkey-doo type of fun of late:

A mom and son turkey handprint painting

pumpkin patch faces

Nature walks and our findings
Crazy gourds
A Turkey Gourd


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Anne Therese said...

I love all of the neat ideas here!
I have got to try some of these with the kids I babysit.

It was interesting one time I mediated a little girl (she just turned 4) about self control, in her case crying. Later on in the day she started crying again about something small to get attention, and I said, "____ are we going to cry now?" She looked up at me and stopped crying! Wow. That felt really good. Later on she told me that she had decided that she wasn't going to cry any more at all, and that she wanted Mama to get home so that she could tell her.

Love in Christ,

Anne Therese