Thursday, September 27, 2012

Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark too read. -Groucho Marx
Books are our main source of learning and inspiration today.
Picture Study from Children's Prayer in Art
Beethoven's life story, followed by his music

inspired by another book, we get out our Qwirkle blocks and make tricky patterns
Then we read and read and read

We eat the last watermelon from our garden and save all the seeds for next year
And then we read Dr. Suess's Many Coloured Days
We are inspired to create

My son grabs the water markers and colours in Dora ...
meanwhile eldest daughter pulls her nose from a book long enough to write a poem about her Colored Day.
Yellow is the kind of day
That makes me feel just like a monkey
Swinging all around
Peeling bananas, feeling jumpy

I added my Colored Day poem and drawing:
Some days I feel rushed 
like a siren blaring red
Like a rabbit busy hopping
Or a chicken with no head

The last line was a big hit with my son!

My six year old proudly displayed her Colored Day and poem
Sometimes I feel blue
Like a ram who lives in a shoe
I feel sad like a blushing blueberry

Time to jar the last of the drying hot peppers

And a quick walk before dinner

We needed a place to cool down from the heat

I just love these stripey pants

Rush home to make dinner and feed our new neighbours. We spend 5 hours listening to stories of tremendous travel--our new friends have travelled to 25 different countries and are only 25 and 27.
I am now wiser about toilet customs in the Far East.
A glorious day.

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