Monday, September 17, 2012

September 17

“Summer will end soon enough, and childhood as well.” ― George R.R. MartinA Game of Thrones

Grand visions of starting school in a clean house, with everything organized and in place, were still in my head this morning when I stumbled into the living room to pray this morning.

Perhaps I could offer up a prayer that the visions in my head could somehow translate into reality for my living room and kitchen. 


The truth is that I have 300 tomatoes creating their own version of Occupy Wall Street on my kitchen counter. They have set up camp and they aren't going anywhere until they turn red. starts in the midst of dirt covered potatoes, canning jars and reluctant tomatoes.

An exciting year ahead of us as Dad takes on a larger role in homeschooling. 

The day started with a great hour long discussion that flowed outward and filled the whole day up. Thoughts of Christ and His love and character.
Discussions on our failings and need for grace.
Stumbling about like we are walking in the fog, trusting God for the next step.

It's a quiet week to a year that holds the promise of being a mighty whirlwind.

Looking forward to blogging about life, learning and love at our house again.
Thanks for tuning in.

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Therese said...

Yea! You are back!

Happy, happy dance all over the place.