Thursday, October 11, 2012

Donkey and Dino take on Letter Reversal Issues

Boxing is real easy. Life is much harder. Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 

My son and I played a game to help him learn the capital Letter D and to overcome letter confusion. To play, we needed a couple of friends to help:

Dino VS. Donkey

You are going down, Donkey! I am the D-emolisher of D's.

You don't scare me, Dino.

You don't. I'm a worthy opponent, so watch out!

Both animals are in their corners. As you can see the ring is set up. There in the right hand corner is the eraser. Whoever can wield this weapon rightly and get rid of their perspective letters, without getting confused (accidently removing a P when they are supposed to remove a D), if they can do it right, they win.
Get ready to Rummmmmbbbbbbbbbllllllllle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

The crowd goes wild.
(signs from top left clockwise read: Donkey Kong, Donkey King! I *heart* dino. Go dino!, John 3:16)

Dino rolls first and has to remove 2 letter D's.

And he does it successfully

Donkey has a turn and takes out O's and P's like nobody's business.
The game gets intense. 
So intense that this photographer couldn't capture the shots because the game was that engrossing.
But the final turn comes, dino rolls a 4....will it be enough to take home the championship????

Dino is victorious!

Donkey is furious and will want a rematch

The crowd leaves remembering this historic event.

The end

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