Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pikkujuolu 2012

Our family celebrates the Finnish traditon of Pikkujoulu (said Pee-co-yo-lou).
It is  starts with the first advent Saturday, which is the fourth Sunday eve before Christmas.
(Yes, I am posting this late)

The morning is started with a traditional berry and semolina pudding called
Vatkattu puolukka puuro

This year's Pikkujoulu landed on Decmber 1st.
We have several Advent calendars that we use.
First, Ann Voskamp's Jesse Tree devotional.
The calendar pictured above is very cool...

it's a LEGO Advent calendar!
So cool! 
We also have a book advent calendar. I wrapped up 24 of our favourite Christmas books and we read one a day

The first book is: The 12 days of Christmas
Cue off-key singing!

Then, our own family Activity Advent book--
 today's activity: Celebrate Pikkujuolu
Followed by the Christmas paper chain countdown.
This is a fun thing--it has silly requests on it like:
make a treat, give everyone a hug, say three nice things to one of your siblings,
call a relative and chat, etc

Then there was merriment and mayhem for the day while we awaited dinner.

The dinner is so much fun to make. 

The appetizer is a huge hit and everyone wants to eat more.But alas, we used up the whole jar of gherkins eating them.
It's honey and whipped sour cream with fried gherkins.
It is amazing delicious.

This is the Lohi Paistos before it goes in the oven.
It's brandy and dill soaked salmon baked with potatoes. 

 Rosilli salad to eat along side our Salmon Bake.
The table is set lavishly...

using fine china and...

Finnish iitaala crystal

A beautiful dinner followed by a dessert of rice pudding with 
fruit soup.
Of course, there is no picture of the Joulu riisipuuro with 
Sekahedelma keitto because who has time to take pictures of dessert when you are busy gobbling it down

After dinner and dessert, we decorate our tree.
Saying one thing we are grateful for before we add an ornament.

And so Advent begins....

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