Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday January 8

The day started with mad spinning.

And then we made up a math game, did some subtraction and addition, sorting and then tasting.

The hammer makes it's debut...

Mama comes up with a revolutionary game using a toilet paper roll and a car. We called it the very creative name of "The Tunnel."

The wind is making pictures on our snow.

Meanwhile the bell bird feeder is complete! Success! (only 45 km winds knock it down a mere 2 hours later)

Read, read, read. And then re-read some books again.

Phone call to Gigi and Papa and all is well at their house.

Snack time-Hummus is yummus!

Make plans for an upcoming adventure with Jamma Gill (A sweet mix-up of the proper name: Grandma Jill)

What happens when you add paint + string+paper?

Swing String Art!

Swing back and forth, back and forth!

Then moving on to a new creative task. How to build a teddy bear lean-to???

After a tiny hole forever leaves it's mark on our table, we rethink things and find an alternative surface to put our handiwork on. We work for a long time and we finally build our teddy bear lean-to.

Draw, draw, draw.

Empty out linen closet and build a fort inside.

Watch a First Aid video. No, I was not aware of the differences between frost-nip and frost bite.

An imaginary re-enactment of fire emergency maneuvers.

Intense game of checkers while dinner is cooking on the stove.

And a fierce game of crokinole (this game board I picked up for $1.25 at a rummage sale. What a steal!)

Loud, joyous echoes of Daddy-man's return met with cheers of hooray for the sight and sense videos he brought home from the library. Hmmm...I wonder what we'll do tomorrow?

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