Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday January 7

The day started off with concern for the birds. It is, after all, -32 C out today and we need to help them stay warm with good food. Time to make a bell feeder. We tied a string around a walnut, stuck it in the mixture and had to suddenly stop as we realized our Little Man was footloose and fancy free...

Yes, there were games afoot. Only the games were being dumped on the floor along with a myriad of other things. Our little man was busy making a little mess!
Crisis over, finish making the bell feeder and stuck it into the freezer.

Then time for some addition using nuts, and then subtraction using the nuts. Yum!

Drawing, playing, exploring, creating forts in the living room--this is why I don't tidy up until 4 o'clock everyday. (It works best for us to play raucously for the day and then spiffy up so that the evening can have a backdrop of a clean room where anything can happen!)

Then it was tea time for Miss Molly and Babykins, and "Mama, will you please have a tea party with us?"
"Why, yes of course!"
"Can you go drive and pick them up and bring them here? You'll have to wake them up. They are sleeping."
"Do it gently."

Miss Molly awake and ready to party.

My doll, Babycakes, quite enjoyed visiting with Miss Molly and us.

Dolls go for their nap and we chase our Little Man. Followed by loads of book reading and snuggles on the couch.

Playing a round of the character game "What would Jesus Do? Learning the importance of staying committed to a project rather than saying, "My long-lost brother flew in from the jungle and I don't think I can make that planning party."
And Mama lost this game.

The forecast calls for rain, apparently.

Drawing, drawing, drawing.

Dinosaur trivia game. Mama loses again.

Coloring the continents where the dinosaurs bones have been found. Every once in awhile we feel like doing a lapbook. Homeschool share has a great lapbook on dinosaurs.

The umbrella finds new purpose as it is now a makeshift storytelling room! So we read and read and read. Then counted and then read some more.

4 o'clock mad clean up as our girl, Rachael, will soon join us for a dinner of Beef Enchilada and a Caesar Salad that makes your head spin.

Of course, mad tickling will take place. And you'll convince Rachael to give you airplane rides, and she'll make you count backwards from twenty and tickle you every time you say six twice. And somehow, you will all manage to find a way to stay up much later than your normal bedtime.

But that's ok because we still manage to play a few rounds of Blokus.

And this time Mama won.

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