Friday, January 8, 2010

Wednesday January 6

Lots to do today.
Daddy-man has physio therapy appointments so we are getting in as much play as we can before the long drive to town and a visit with our friends who are missionaries in Africa.
Pitter-patter, let's get at 'er.
Breakfast, chores, devotions and prayer.
Then outside we go to collect loads of snow.

Snowflake exploration. We brought in some snow from outside and wanted to see what it looked like under the magnifying glass.

Classifying snow crystals

There's always time for a toilet paper tower...

...and for fishing. With the fishing rod made from string, cork and knitting needles.

Homemade granola. Note to self: Grease the baking dish before hand. Otherwise, it sticks to the bottom of the dish. A crumbly mess!

A journey to a faraway land.

Counting chairs, girls, cupcakes and curls.

And then Bob the Frog challenged us to a game of go Diego go (a .75 cents steal from the Sally Ann)

Thanks Grandma for the planets! This Christmas gift is being put to use.

A fun recipe found here. And a great gift to give to our friends from Africa.
Get in the van and speed off to the city. We go treasure hunting for the perfect purple pants at the mall and bring food to Mama L who just had baby number 6! Congrats L!

Divine meals at Daniel and Marlies' house while we hear tales of the Congo and Kenya. Aiden and all of you had fun being leopards and tigers and ROARING the night away.

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