Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Kiaboshed: the retelling of mediated learning gone no where!

So I failed at a mediated moment.

But as I learned from one of the Mediated Facilitators, failing is a part of learning. You do something until you fail, then you examine what you would do differently, study what worked and what didn't and then go at it again..until you fail.

And so that's what today was. A failed attempt which is giving me opportunity to examine, gather new information and move forward with a new goal.

Here's the scenario:

My daughter says, "I hate doing school. Why do we have to learn math, reading, and writing anyway. It is so boring. Why can't I just play?"

I fumble for words. I start to say something then change my mind. I am not sure what to do.

She stares at me waiting to see what I do next.

Ask Questions, I can hear Therese (one of the workshop teachers) saying in my head.

Why don't you tell me what you don't like about learning those things.

"They are so boring," she says." They are no fun at all. I like it when we play together and do funner things."

My mind starts to spin. What can I say? What can I say? What can I say?

And the answer is nothing. Maybe right now is the perfect time to say: I can understand you're frustrated. Thanks for telling me how you feel. Let me think about these things for awhile and we can talk again.

"Do I still have to print in my journal?"

"Nah, for right now, let's play a game."

Was this an actual failed attempt? No, not really. I only felt like I failed because I didn't have a ready answer or a ready way to mediate. Which actually turns out to be a REALLY good thing.

Reflection has made me ask some questions of myself now:

How have I approached reading,writing, and math that has caused the fun to be sucked out of it?
Every day, the utmost importance to me is that we at least cover the basics. The Three R's--they are, after all, foundational. But in my determination to hammer down the foundations have I missed the point of learning? Have I missed the boat when it comes to teaching meaning into why we learn?
I think I have.
Upon further reflection, I realize that most everything else we do during the day is in an unschooling style and the only three areas that are not in that style are the three R's. The foundations are no fun at my house.
So time to think and ponder on what I've discovered today. I'll keep you posted as to how the Lord leads me to solve this one.

Time to ask some more questions.

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