Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hey diddle diddle: the spoon and the dish don't disappoint

My four year old is whining again.
"I don't want to put away the cutlery. I don't like this chore."

Ding! Mediated moment!

Intentionality & Reciprocity: To bring into focus a sense of belonging that comes through helping out the family.
Meaning: Helps everyone function better
Bridging: Bringing out relevant ways we use the cutlery drawer

"Can you tell me why you don't like putting the cutlery away?"
"I just don't like it!"
"Anything about it that you really don't like?" (Asking Questions)
She shrugs.
"Well, you know, it really helps out the family when you do this chore."
"It does?"
"Yes, it does. When you put away the cutlery it helps us function better(Meaning). You do a really good job when you put the cutlery away. You put the spoons where they belong, you put the forks in the right spot and you are always careful to put the knives right side up like. " (Competence)
I see a smile sneak onto her face.
"You know, when I go to the drawer to get a fork for my salad, I can find it very easily (Bridging to real life). Do you know why?"
"Because you put it away where it belonged. When Daddy wants a spoon for his ice cream-"
"He's a sweet tooth!"
"Yes, he is. And when he wants a spoon for his ice cream he opens the drawer and finds it so quickly. Do you know why?"
"Because I put it away?"
"Yeah, because you put it away where it belongs. You help us all out when you do your job. You help our family."
A big smile.
"What do you think we should do now?"
"Go put the cutlery away!" Her arms raise to the sky and she shouts her idea. (Really!)

Criteria focus: belonging and competence

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