Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday January 15

A new day begins! After devotions we pick a few things to do today! Some books they pick...
and some books mama sneaks in! (This is a great way to read about math and show how mathematicians have changed the world!)
Working with nouns and adjectives...
writing secret messages,
battleship...I'm not going to win this one
Snacks and imaginary play with dinosaurs
Time to see the chinook in action...melting, melting,melting
Discuss freezing and melting and where is the water going. We name the river "Dino River"
Pick up a little contraband for an experiment and potential art projects
Get a little dirty!
Time to make some cookies--thanks Mom for the box!
Cracking your first egg
Following the colorful directions...I loved this layout. My only role was sticking it in the oven and taking it out.
Mixing with Melvo and Green Puppet

Aha! A spy in the cupboard...

And smooshed cookies to end the day!

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