Thursday, January 21, 2010

ML Workshop bliss!!!!

Ok, my mind is currently on Mediated Learning overload and that's a good thing.
A very good thing.

I just got back from the second in a series of six Mediated Learning courses. My brain has been restructured from all the info I took in today! First off., props to Therese, John and Jocelyn. You guys were amazing and you are working the mediated training techniques like Chuck Norris on a bowflex.

The workshop was so insightful and I had many 'aha' moments. Unfortunately, many of them happened out loud and I found myself talking often about how I could see this relating to my family's current situations. That is often times how my brain grabs concepts, I just hope the other attendees weren't thinking, "Stop interrupting, Chatty Cathy." I really appreciated how our facilitators fostered idea sharing and made us feel free to think out loud.

On a different vein of thought, it was so incredible to connect with other moms and hear their stories. I admire so many of them for what they are able to do in their homes and how well they know their children. It's incredible to see the devotion and commitment to their families. I aspire to be like them. Awesome women and a very encouraging time.

I was so pumped that if there had been a T-shirt that says, "I *heart* Mediated Learning" I would've bought one.
And then, you know, never worn it because I don't wear T-shirts like that ;)

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