Thursday, January 21, 2010

Monday January 18

The day started with good eats and Bingo games in the area of subtraction
Followed by some mad drawing
And then ready for more bingo...
Homemade phonetic bingo!
And for want of a few more butterscotch chips, we played a newly invented version of 123 animals. The new invetnion included a massive amount of butterscotch chips to put on each and every number (ie. on the seven card, we put 7 chips...and then ate them).
Stacking fun
Dinosaurs, what else?
Read arctic 123 and make inukshuks
Working in a workbook (yes, I have a few handy. I usually use them when I car-school and I have a few in the house so that they can play with them and use them to learn).
Another inukshuk
" I want to do both, Mom."
"Fine by me. Just pick one first."
"Which one?"
The body insides puzzle wins out.
"I want to put the spleen in its spot! The spleen! The spleen! I love the spleen!"
The last remaining patch of snow in our yard
Long shadows and discussing the sun's position in wintertime
spelling words
Digging for treasure...nope, nothing but dirt
soaking the acorn experiment
acorns close up when wet to protect seeds whenever it rains

And we end the day with...what else? Dinosaurs!

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