Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday January 21

The day starts with fierce T-rex being captured
And a gloriously frosty morning
Back indoors to enjoy our mail bag surprise (thanks Amy-Tati, we just got the magazines last night! Chirp and Chickadee)
Followed by a good knock-knock book
And the book the Math Curse! Everything's a problem that needs to be solved!
Tea time
Morning workouts and tickle fests
Then time to make a dino world
The dinosaurs come and drink at the pond
Reading game found from 'Teach Your Child to Read in Ten Minutes a Day". by far, my most favourite book on how to teach kids to read. Using tons of games and not getting caught up in explaining rules but focusing on the phonetics of reading.
Mama T-rex has an announcement to make...she's expecting
Daddy measures and puts up the clock. Girls are busy helpers.
The eggs are put to use as cookie making commences. Again, this was a recipe the girls did by themselves. I was only called in for rolling dough when things got sticky and needed some more muscle power.
A quick lesson on oxidation, and how lemon juice prevents apples from turning brown
A quick game of sticker-beards
We are all about the moon around here. My younger girl stares out the window each night and always comments on the moon. I got some books from the library on the moon and thought we'd see where this interest went. And it took off. First we read a charming story called 'Henry's First Moon Birthday' . Then another Moon book.
Then using one of the pages, we made a moon puzzle like this one.
Then we made craters. Big ones. Dropping an orange from high up into a pan of flour. A delight puff of moon dust.
Very big craters!
We also used marbles and made small ones. They were being washed off and some little hands came along to help. And then high pitched screams went forth as the girls said, "Mom, Mom! He's got marbles! He's going to eat them!"
Then we had a ruckus of a time with flour.
Followed by a shower and sweeping and vacuuming.
Re-read Henry's First Moon Birthday again. And then again.
And another bout of Henry's First Moon Birthday.
Then some audio book of Peter Pan
Clay play.
We then read Henry's First Moon Birthday one more time.
We decided that we should make a Moon Birthday Celebration dinner for tonight. So we made a list of everything they did in the book and then picked what we wanted to do: Food!
And some more monkey business with the clay.
Celebrating our "New Moon Birthday" dinner with some Chinese food!

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