Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Wrestling Match with the Three R's

I mentioned before about the need to mediate the three R's. Particularly in the area of how my daughter is viewing it and at present, "hates that boring stuff."

I took some time to first look at how I was teaching them and my own thoughts about them. And it boiled down to this. I felt this need to teach the Three R's so that I can justify to others that I am covering the basics when they say: "So, you homeschool ?" and when they ask me what curriculum I use and I answer none, their first question is "but you are teaching her the basics right?"
And I step up and say, "Yes, of course. Everyday. The Three R's are essential and we do them."

And they are essential and we should do them.
But not for that reason.

This is my second year homeschooling and I'm actually reticent to say that because I believe in life long learning (Learning that starts from the womb as they are being read to!). But this is my second year of being intentional about really understanding what my children's passions are and how they learn and facilitating that process for them- and so I recognize that in some instances I'm new to this whole culture of educating my children.
I had someone encourage me and tell me that feeling that way is just part of the process of homeschooling. When you go against cultural norms and question things, people are bound to look at you funny. You have to do things for the right reason and because it is the right thing to do.

So that little pep talk brought me back to re-thinking my approach to the Three R's and why I want to cover them everyday.

Here's why:
Reading is the gateway to learning within our world and for ourselves
Writing is the gift of communicating within our world and for ourselves
Math is the foundation and a language of practical daily living within our world and for ourselves

And now stay tuned for how this all unravels as I apply meditational techniques to the Three R's and their role in our home and community.

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