Thursday, February 18, 2010

February 18- Memories

Today was a day that had me tackling a scrapbook.
Since attending my last Mediated Learning Workshop and understanding how important seeing and being aware of self-change is to your child, I have made it a priority to get some of these scrapbooks of our family put together.
So, last friday when I found a whole scrapbook (pages, book, and stickers, etc) on clearance for $4.18 I took it!
Today we scrapbooked and pulled out our old photo albums. We spent so much time talking about how we have grown and changed. What we used to like, memories we've made and the importance of our traditions. It was very eye-opening to see how much my children enjoyed looking at their lives and how they fit into the bigger picture of our family.
I made a point to scrapbook birthday cards from family who live out of town, and they were so excited to see that my sister wrote them a note or that their great Aunt Edie was excited they were born. They then begged for stories of when I was little. And I regaled them with many tales!

The other thing I did was review my daily learning photos that I've blogged on here. Sometimes when you homeschool (and I think especially when you are an almost unschooler), there is sometimes the question of "are we learning anything?" Well, taking a look at all that we've covered since we started blogging, it is clear that we have indeed learned many things. But more importantly, we've mediated them and bridged them to relevancy in everyday life and given meaning to the things they are learning.

See the change for yourself. Check here for our daily learning!

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