Monday, February 22, 2010

Tact- A lesson in asking questions

OK, so perhaps mediation can go overboard. Or perhaps I can go overboard and forget the Intentionality of mediation and just ask questions.

Ask, ask, ask.

It's a new habit I'm forming, but let's not forget intentionality. Because if you do, you are just asking questions and forgetting the person you are asking them to. You disregard rules of etiquette and what you ask--although valid questions--are asked in a rude and thoughtless manner.

Here's a tip: Mediation does not work if you have selfish motives that just want your questions answered with no thought about how to bring others into some of the criteria that makes mediational learning so special.

Lesson learned the hard way. Use tact when asking questions.

People's feelings get hurt when you don't.

Thank goodness for God's grace in learning to live life the way He's called us to live.

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