Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mediating and Forward Thinking

We love mediated learning (obviously, I wouldn't do a whole blog about it if I didn't!)
But here's an example of using mediated learning within the relationships you have in your life.
We have a friend who we are helping to live more independently. He has a brain injury and he's been on a long journey to get where he is today.
And today we got to implement some mediation with him. He is in a place where he needs to make some changes. And like most of us, he wants things done his way--the way it's always been done. And he tries all methods to get things his way.
So, what to do? We could go in circles with this conversation or we can MEDIATE!

Intentionality and Reciprocity: Help him understand that this change will benefit him with further independance.
Meaning: ask questions that start with "How is it going to feel when you can do this task on your own?" And then talk of how this step will figure into other aspects of his life.
Bridging: Remind him of his goals for independance and how this fits into it. Point out areas of change that he was resistant to before but he's adjusted to quite well.

Wow! All I can say is that Mediation works. He was resistant, but after using the three components of mediation as well as giving him time to think he decided himself that it was a change he wanted to do.
This was a big step for him and we put emphasis on his competence and then took him out to celebrate for the choice that he made and followed through with.
I love how mediation works and how it's helping others in our lives.

Criteria focus: competence

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