Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tuesday February 2

After devotions, mad drawing kicks the day to a start.
Followed by a brunch...
Then reading, and mad cleaning as we've been sick for a few days and the house was feeling neglected.
Aren't these clothespin chopsticks so great? My mama got them for my girls. Great for eating lunch with and mastering the chinese fork!
A sequential number game
some printing and copy work
computer game and learning about GroundHog day...we shall see how long winter lasts and see if the Groundhog was right
We visited one of our favourite sites today www.ordinarylifemagic.blogspot.com and found a new game to play. It's called Sprouts!
Someone got into their printing in a big way. She did the whole alphabet!
And at our favourite website there was a experiment, but it didn't work for us. I think we had the wrong teabags. Oh well, a good talk on fire safety came out of it ;)
magnets, reading, cooking
followed by some heart art
Time to get rid of some of that candy! We had so much left over candy from Christmas gifts that we decided to experiment today.
We tried making shapes
This is after 5 minutes at 350 degreees, which would have been a good time to stop...but I kept going and it turned very black.
However, my eldest remembered how Laura Ingalls made candy on snow from maple sugar and said, "Let's try it!"
So we did.
And we decided not to eat these crazy black gooey monsters from the black lagoon
Then there was the matter of all this high fructose corn syrup stuck to my spoon. So I stuck it in a glass of water and we learned about dissolving.

More reading, and more laughing, and some snow art!

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