Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wednesday February 3

We picked out what we wanted to do for the day-we'll see if it all gets done!
The day starts with Valentine's art for all our friends and family who live far away. Today's the day we mail them off.
Sparkle tower
Before the iron
After the iron--loads of love here
A special envelope
A very special card done by my 4 year old
Some of our finished products
Then loads of baby play
Songs about the moon
Internet research on how valentine's letters go in a mailbox and get to the other side of the country
A quick game of Chicka, chicka, boom, BOOM!
Music making
critical thinking skill pages
drawing and reading
reading and drawing

This was a very cute game. It's actually a game designed to give fine motor control to your child to help them write better. Draw a piece of popcorn and then have them outline around it in a different colour. Then you colour then they colour and on and on.

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