Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday March 12

Today began with our chores. And it only took an hour! Hooray. Now to get onto some more important things like:
A little game my son plays everyday.
Dump the bucket out
Fill it up
And we play it many times
Then we stole away inside a fort where we spent a good deal of our time reading. Or historical novel had a telegram in it so we went to google and found all sorts of goodies regarding telegrams:
Like this
and I remembered this, so we watched it and laughed and watched it again

Then we made our own telegram for Daddy
and we pretended to deliver it several times.
Then we pretended we were the characters in the book we were reading and delivered it again
Built some blocks
Tended to the girl with a cough and resting in bed...some Charlotte's web helped
We made up a game called How Bernard met the 5 W's of Question Mark Street.
Easy to play. Just draw a question mark on the paper and 5 houses on the Question mark (as above) then walk down the street and make up a story (ie. Bernard went walking down the street and 'WHO do you think he met? ' keep telling the story adding in the elements of what,where,when,why and when you get to the end ask "How did Bernard meet the 5 w's of Question Mark Street?" and have them tell you the story again)

A fun spelling game where you omit certain letters and they have to figure out the words. It feels very secret code-ish so it's always well received.
We snuggled with Buddy
And played the logic game of Mr. Yum's cookies
And learned about the poem Diddle, Diddle Dumpling , my son John
Discovered spring is sneaking up on us
Dinosaur moulding of some sort
Reading, reading, reading
Tending to the little one with a cold
Played the reading game Roadblock
Proof that we did our first day of chores! Yah...the road to consistency begins

Spring is popping up in all sorts of places!