Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the counsel of many...

Perhaps some of you are visiting this blog as a result of the article and interview with me in Wisdom magazine.
Thanks for stopping in!

I'd like to ask you to share your mediated moments from your life with us here at my blog. Perhaps you have made some time to focusing on developing the habit of asking questions. Maybe you have found that mediating belonging to your child helped a breakthrough in learning.
Whatever you've learned, I invite you to share with us.

As homeschooling families, we need each other. We need to stand and support each other. We can all learn from each other and I'd like to invite you to share your mediated story here.
Please email me at with your story.

Let's grow together!

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Therese said...

I was asking myself today which questions seem to be the most effective vehicles for good mediation.

My favourites are:

"What do you think you are supposed to do here?"
"How are you going to solve this problem?"
"What will be achieved if you continue with this behaviour?"

Thanks for the opportunity to share!