Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thursday March 25

We're enjoying all the fun that comes with marking the days towards Christ's Resurrection. We have been daily adding to our Easter tree and enjoying the stories of Christ as we do.
We love the book G is for Googol. What a great math story book!
Tried to stay away from the snake
We learned about Konigsberg Bridge Problem and then made our own version of it and tried to solve it.
We had some friends over for snacks
Mischief! (There used to be books on that shelf!)
Play time with our new village
The dinosaurs joined us for math today and let us use them as manipulatives
I love the Sally Ann. For 40 cents I got this game. I used to play it when I was younger. This is a great game to play and use mediated learning techniques on!
Out in the find bugs, dirt and worms
Many rounds of cops and robbers

Back in for some reading fun!

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Camie said...

Great pictures! We should share a homeschooling day!

Love ya!