Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday March 11

The day began with a giant flower that bloomed out of nowhere...
This is a great game to introduce multiplication.
Roll the die.
If it says three, then draw three vertical lines.
Roll the die again.
If it says one, then draw one horizontal line.
Then make dots wherever the lines cross each other.
Then count the dots.
Shock and awe, 3 X 1= 3
This was so much fun. has a 'minesweeper' games for kids. This was a great logic game to play with my daughter.
I narrated the first game that I played and talked about my thinking process out loud. Then I had my eldest play with me and narrated my logic but also asked her if she could understand how the game worked.
By the fourth time, she got the general concept of the game.
This was a great way to model Asking Questions and have her think. Try it! So much fun!
Math-u-see. We are returning to the math book I bought last year. I'm in no rush to get through curriculum. I'm interested in the actual learning and comprehension, although I do like the idea of mastery that Math-u-see uses.
Since we are just returning to the book, I read the questions out and wrote the answers in. She loved it and wanted to do 3 pages....perhaps she learns best in auditory methods???! I'll be watching to find out
More dino fun found at (what else?)
Mischief! One year old is on the loose
A little lesson on the importance of watering Polka the plant
Mind mapping. Another ML technique. Have you tried it yet?
Drawing a picture for a magazine contest

And laundry. I couldn't resist to finally get some fresh air for my linens. They've been claustrophobic all winter. They were begging to get I let them.
We're nice like that.

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