Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday March 10

A quick game of Old maid before the day begins

Devotions with The Bible Experience (we love this version!)

Inspired here to learn about Harriet Tubman and slavery. Bridging it to find out how we can stop today's current slavery of human trafficking. We (delicately, as in left out the sexual exploit part of it) discussed modern day slavery (human trafficking) and how we can help end it.
1. Pray
2.Support ministries that are helping others
3. Tell other people that slavery isn't over and we need to help
A great discussion on how important it is that we educate others about what other people suffer.
Click here for some practical ways to help stop Human Trafficking in Canada.
Took some time to enjoy the new fallen snow
Read a bit
Phone call with Grandma
mosiac making
snuggles on the couch
My four year old decided to learn her letters today
then reading
then naps...blessed naps
Folding baby clothes to give to the pregnancy crisis center
peanut butter cookies that my eldest made by herself

Brothers far from home led us to find out what a Tin Lizzie is, and why some people feel guilty having a lot to eat when others have nothing.
And the Kissing Hand is just the best book ever.

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