Monday, May 10, 2010

Cousins over!

This week, the cousins came over. Nothing like having some family around to do some exciting learning.
Snuggled and took turns reading.
Planted some seeds
Chewing carrots like beavers...which then inspired 'Beaver play', so you know we had to...
build a dam!
Wax art
more reading during a quiet time for mom!
Racing cars
And then Little Sue here thought she would teach the important benefits of wearing a seat belt and the lesson of motion
go Sue go...Sue, look out!
Sue, should have worn her seatbelt
Sue's family builds a statue monument to her...using playdoh
We try a new! yum!
Build a fort
A horrible picture of our thumb print drawings
Time for excavation and fossil digging.
Cousin C came up with the idea of adding water to make digging go faster...and it worked!
We made a juice out of strawberries and orange juice. A collective concoction of the cousins cho
Outdoor the mud
And a little helper cleans up the mud mess!

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