Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday May 19

Today was so much fun! We loaded up the car early and headed to the city where excitement awaited us.
First a stop at a farm and a visit with a friend before rushing off to a...

a concert!
'twas quite fascinating
to all!
And the bathroom was it's own kind of unique with wax statues
and solid oak doors
While the kids who came on buses from the schools stood in line, we, homeschoolers snuck off and studied the stained glass windows. Hehe! Another great reason to homeschool
We walked passed a cake shop and naturally had to stop in
and admire everything
Then a picnic in the park with a fellow concert going family
A walk at the park
meeting all sorts of new friends
And a quick jaunt to the library and over to a friend's house
where we met someone from Asia wearing interesting socks
toy cars anyone?
Nope! Too busy jumping on the trampoline
But not too busy to make new friends


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