Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Saturday June 5-A big day out

A day out learning about nature and history!
Buzzing bees
Followed by a nature walk
Glorious nature!
A quiet walk in nature
A gopher snake's skin
A new game...which the mother's quickly discouraged at the sight of the attendant's face and quiet suggestion that the balls and sticks have other uses
Studying the bees again
Putting the sticks to good use
Playing the ant game
Cousins forever!

Picnic lunch while we wait out the thunderstorm and downpour
Rain's over! Time for rattlesnake rock
A glimpse at the warrior shirts
And the fancy dress on exhibit at the musuem
Time to play the drum
A lesson on drum playing
Flying an airplane
A close encounter with a buffalo

Decorating our math game
Making a catch and toss game
Embellishing our game
Making traditional shirts
A sweet treat
A look in at the new fishes at the library

A great day had by all!

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