Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Friday June 4

The day started with a look at our microscope slides...we do need a microscope to do the 'looking' part of this though (I couldn't resist the slides at a rummage sale as we all know I will have a microscope directly)
Kitchen play and a little lesson on not leaving the living room a mess!
You remember these right?
So we have loads of magazines and today we yanked a bunch out and just did loads of activities listed in them.
Try it with us: Super Snake,Super Snake,Super Snake,Super Snake,Super Snake
And we, of course, cut out the dino diorama!
And drew pictures
And built towers
And made secret forts
Family friends came over and we had a smashing time playing games, building things, making messes and cleaning them up.
In fact, they did such a spiffy job cleaning up that I did not have to lift a finger once they left. They are hired and invited back next time my house looks like a zoo...which means tomorrow!
We made homemade pizza...YUM!
And found our way to the computer camera for some serious goofiness
And we had loads of fun with our friends

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