Monday, August 2, 2010

Friday July 30

The day started off with some handprint art. Flamingo pink
Pink inspired our morning smoothie
Nature walk and meeting neighbours
off to the park for some fun...
and water play
The our friends arrived. We took our friends to the pool...
after we had made some Stone Soup. We acted out the famous story and I assured everyone the stone had been thoroughly washed
We celebrated Christmas in July! We invited a family to come to our house. We lit the tree, we played carols and we laughed about it being Christmas on a hot sunny day.
Playing with our new gifts! (We had each of the kids bring toys they no longer played with. We wrapped them up and opened them with great joy!)
It's too hot to bake cookies....
so Jello jigglers are the next best thing

Happy Christmas in July!!!

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Cathy said...

What a fun day. You are definitely busy. Especially for summer time! :)