Monday, August 2, 2010

Thursday July 29

Now,technically, Beatrix Potter should have been celebrated yesterday on the 28th, since that is her birthday. However, due to schedule conflicts, we felt it necessary to celebrate it today.

Because who doesn't love Beatrix?
We invited some friends over for a Beatrix Potter tea party. Complete with story telling. We started with the tale of The Flopsy Bunnies
And then we went to the garden and re-enacted it. Look at those flopsy bunnies. They are headed straight for the soporific lettuce
And there they are...nibbling away at it. And then they fall asleep
My starring role was to be Mr. Macgregor, the farmer. Here I am re-enacting when he throws compost on the Flopsy Bunnies head. (I'm expecting the movie offers any day now)
The mouse who rescues The Flopsy Bunnies!!!
After working up quite an appetite, we brought everyone in for a bunny taste test. We tried the different greens and decided which one we would pursue next time we were in Mr. Macgregor's garden
Then we added more color to the table. And our good friend, Miss Lolo B found a Peter Rabbit cook book and brought some extra things to make us ....
A veritable feast!
After lunch it was out for a nature walk (where Mom left the camera at home.) Rocks were thrown, flowers were picked, rivers were watched and clouds gathered. Ominous clouds. Clouds that indicated we should head home.
We laid out our nature findings
And decided that while we did our next activity we would listen to an audio book of Beatrix's classics.
Now, if there is one thing Beatrix loved, it would be watercolor painting. And if there is one thing that we are going to do today, it is going to be watercolour painting of all our nature finds.
The day turned out well, wouldn't you say?!

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Cathy said...

My girls love Beatrix Potter. They would have enjoyed your party. Very cute.