Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Left in a place of Success

As we are dealing with my husband's injury, a few challenges have arisen.

First, is that our daily routine is out the window.
I'm not an anal routine follower. But, like most people, I like when things have a certain order and comfortability to things. That's a distant memory it seems.

Then there is the sleep issue.
My husband has been waking up many times in the night in pain. I wake up with him.
When I awake in the morning, I am a grumpy bear.
Grunting or barking orders at all family members.

I put up this little reminder on my chalkboard door:

Being sleep deprived I found I would easily get frustrated with them, couldn't understand why simple concepts weren't being grasped, wondering why they were barking back at me (surely, they haven't learned it from me???!?)
I wrote the note on the board so that I would be reminded that if I started to get frustrated to just end the session in a place of success.
Where our life is right now, is not the time to push on through tough areas. I just don't have the time to invest working through the cognitive issues.
And while I know this will only last another week more, I can put aside the feeling that I must make my child learn this now.

So, instead of sighing, I started smiling and saying, "Way to go, Champ. We're stopping here today. Proud of you."

Later in the afternoon, I was running back into the house for the fourth time wondering if I forgot anything else. I felt weary, worn, and frustrated by my brain not thinking as fast as it normally does.
I came close to tears. "Please God. Help me. I'm trying. I really am. It's taking all my energy not to yell at my kids right now because I'm tired and irritated by every noise they make. I just came in here to take a deep breath and calm down."

And then softly and gently, like only my Heavenly Father can, I heard Him softly say, "Way to go, Champ. Let's stop here today and take that breath. I'm proud of you for not losing your temper."

God is the perfect parent and we can follow his lead and leave our kids in a place of success.

I changed my blackboard door. It now reads:

Criteria Focus: Challenge

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