Friday, September 10, 2010

Thursday September 9

Today is mischief and mess! (and a whole lotta cleaning)
Mischief: that is orange pastel on the wall done by my little son Jackson-Pollock-in-training
Math pictures
Line Up Four
Wax crayons (one's I lovingly made for the first day of school survived until today....two days after the introduction to society. Note to self: make 'keeping new things nice' a priority lesson to train the kids on)
Mess: He's on the loose! On the window in non-window using markers
Mischief: That brown blur is Buddy the Bear flying from the chandelier at top speed. This is what happens when Mama talks on the phone for a few minutes.
Mess: Puddle jumping makes for splish-splashy pants
Melting Moment: A sister shelters her brother

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