Friday, September 10, 2010

Wednesday September 8

Today was all fun and games. Games and fun.
delicious fun: My eldest decides what we all need is a little lemonade.
Fun: Chalkboard skip counting and other math things
Cursive writing and my shoe
Games: Diego never disappoints
Games: Chutes and ladders. My butt was soundly whipped and I came in last
My mad food skills make an appearance for a second night. Who knows? Perhaps we could extend this gig for a whole week!
Games: Soccer
Fun: Dinosaur marsh
Fun: Crazy marshmallow things that tasted horrible and went in the garbage
Games: Reading for Grapes! My favourite resource to teach reading is a book I got from the library (a free way to teach your kids, my friends!) called: Teach Your Child to Read in 10 minutes a day by Sidney Ledson. Pure genius. Works every time. Especially the puppet bit.
Practicing Printing
Fun: A guest drops by. Yes, that's a diaper on her head. No, Izzy, I will not remove this from the internet. (don't go into politics, just in case)
Fun: Bonfire
Games: Apples to apples (while eating carrots)
and Scrabble (where I was only beaten once by Izzy. No, Izzy, I will not be a the mean, maniacal winner I usually and brag about how I win the other games. Not even a bit)
Fun and games!

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