Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cognitive Function in Output: Data Output

If the cognitive function of Data Output is precise and accurate, the child will:

*present data with detail and without error
*use data effectively without leaving anything out or changing the information
*give answers that are carefully selected from collected material
*have an internal need to gather data and present data specifically and appropriately
*have a habit of presenting information in a clear and relevant way
*explain facts precisely rather than approximately

If the cognitive function of Data Output is impaired, the child will:

*present data inaccurately or incompletely, leaving things out or twisting collected facts and details
*give answers that are narrow, lacking insight and are vague
*present material in a meaningless way because cognitive skills at the input and/or elaboration phase are fragile
*produce information that is inaccurate and imprecise because of impulsive, rushed and trial and error responses and the poor use of language
*pay attention to irrelevant and inappropriate details in answer to a question

Strategies to Correct Impaired Data Output

Areas you can focus on:

*Meaning-the parent points out the value of precision
*Bridging-the parent insists on accuracy when the child is giving information
Self-regulation- The parent encourages self-correction

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