Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Cognitive Function in Output:Expressive Verbal Tools

When this Cognitive Function is adequate the child will:

*speak with a response that can be understood
*use expressive language
*when answering, use the proper words from long-term memory to speak clearly and effectively

When this Cognitive Function is inadequate the child will:

*have poor communication skills
*display poor knowledge of words and their meanings, sentence structure and language rules.
*be rigid, lacking imagination and have difficulties in choosing the suitable words, phrases and sentences.
*display lack of fluency and a poor recall of words from long-term memory
*find the answer but not be able to explain it to others how they will do it.

Strategies to Correct Impaired Expressive Verbal Tools

Areas you can focus on:
*Competence-the parent extends the vocabulary
*Meaning-the parent encourages accurate language use
*Sense of bleonging-the parent encourages labelling and explanations of relationships

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