Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday October 4

Today was either exceptionally busy....or I just kept my camera with me and captured most of the days events
Lacing shapes!

Reading books

Listening to Johan Sebastian Bach. We LOVE this song.
Then we practiced on the recorder

Took a walk around the yard and gathered some nature goodies
Came in the house and started on our banner, but ran out of materials for the word GIVE.
Must head out soon.
apple-pumpkin prints
Lunch and much discussion over books read earlier
A quick game of Fraction Pies with chalk while we wait for Dad
Off to find more nature goodies
Here is a good spot
We discovered many rocks
My crew hogging the swing set!
That is a giant grasshopper (or locust)--it was BIG and UGLY and I didn't want to get to close to take a picture
more fungi
See an abandoned house on the highway. Carefully and safely examine the building and discuss plaster, slats, and ancient TV's. Also point out sagging second story and decide to leave
A stop at an old graveyard. A look at how lichen covers the graveyard posts
Graveyards are very interesting
Baci ball-living room style
And we finish our masterpiece!

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the lady of the house said...

Very cool banner! That will be nice for this Harvest season. Hope all is well for you and your fam ~ The Lady of the House

PS You inspire me.