Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ummm.... I may have created a monster

My kiddos have really taken off with this whole STRATEGIZING bit.
Remember the planning we've done here and here. (Not to mention all the other times we've spent time planning but not blogged about it.)
Well it's come back to bite me.
Lemme explain.

We are going out of town until Sunday morning and have needed to get our costumes ready for the fall festival happening at our church later in the afternoon.(I don't believe in running around last minute screaming, "I can't find my eye patch! I can't find my pirate eye patch!!!)
So I casually mentioned the need to prepare our costumes ahead of time.

Insert every mother saying: while the cat's away the mice will play.
Except instead of the word play, use the word plan.
Which then turns into a weird adage that has me being referred to as a can.
Get it?
While the cat's a can, the mice will plan.

Blogger, aside to herself: Nobody gets my sense of humour. Nobody. Sigh. Dramatic hand to the forehead.

While I was away, my kids came up with a plan.
In fact, they executed the whole costume scheme on their own.

"See? Look Mom. We found all the parts that we need for our costumes. Then we collected them and gathered them into this box. We'll keep the box here in our room, so when we get back home the costumes are in one spot and we can just grab them and go."

I think my jaw hit the ground with an audible sound.
"Really?" I asked. "Lemme see."
They showed me all parts of the outfits, the accessories and the shoes to go with it. Everything they needed was there.

They did it all by themselves.

Planned, strategized and then executed the whole plan.
I was so proud of them.

This made something else become very apparent....
I need to go away more often! :P

Criteria focus: Goal Planning

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Chick said...

Wow good job kids! I think if I saw something similar happen here I might faint LOL!