Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Home again, home again...Jiggety jig

Home is the nicest word.
-Laura Ingalls

We are home today. All day long. For the first time in over a week, we don't have to budge from our little oasis known as our house.
My husband's physio is going well, but it's requiring more time and more frequency. Since his shoulder is still not healed, I am the driver and we all head to town. Prayers for recovery are appreciated.

Today we are home, though.
We're all a little giddy.
And so is my house....
to say it needs some tender loving care is an understatement.

Here is a random list of what I hope gets done:
1. Unearth my Mediated Learning binder from the pile in my bedroom.
2. Promise myself never to make my bedroom the dumping ground for a rushed and frenzied life (this time I mean it)
3. Remove the dead cricket in a jar off of my counter
4. Peel the 80+ bananas we got yesterday for .30 cents a pound
5. Stare at the wall
6. See if my camera can be fixed
7. Stare at the wall some more

I may only get around to number #2.

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