Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Message Board Mayhem

Hooray for TobyLauren.
Three cheers for our girl, TL!

TobyLauren--who, by the way, is shockingly pretty in real life--phoned me this morning to assist me into getting on the Wisdom Message board.
Apparently, it's a simple process. A simple process that was apparently too difficult for me. I'm not sure if this should be a blow to my self-esteem or not.
Or maybe it was a clever ruse so that I could talk to TobyLauren on the phone?

Yay! I'm on the Message Board.
Have you got on there yet?

Well, let me tell you! There is a lot of cool stuff on there.
All sorts of helpful things for us homeschooling families: Announcements, ideas, suggestions--it's a whole new world (cue cheesy Disney music: a wondrous place for you and meeeee)

Blogger aside to herself: Sigh. No one gets my sense of humour. No one.

On the message board I posted a plea for all my readers.
I said...
Well, I won't be redundant. Just go to the Message Board and find out what I wrote on the post entitled 'ML schedule updated'. (click here to sign in)

You will see my reply to McD and Terry. Apparently these ladies have racked up the title of "Platinum Boarder". I am a newbie (who else thinks the word 'newbie' should be dropped from the English language?) and therefore I am known as "Fresh Boarder". I only need to post 600 more times to be in high standing and called a "Platinum" member.

The only other option I can see is to dye my hair hair blonde.

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TL said...

You flatterer, you! ;P

"Shockingly pretty"?!


I'm glad you're on the message boards now, however. =)