Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cognitive Function in Elaboration Phase: Mental Field

If the cognitive function is broad &narrow, the child will:

*retain a number of units of information in order to mentally manipulate them
*focus on, retain, and use two or more sources of information simultaneously
*recall bits of information that have been previously stored
*recall relevant information from past experiences
*co-ordinate information from a wide variety of sources

If the cognitive function is impaired, the child may:
*be reluctant to engage in the act of trying to commit facts to memory
*have poor long term memory
*have poor short term memory recall
*recall facts episodically
*have difficulty coordinating facts from more than one source of information

Strategies to Correct a Narrow and Limited Mental Field
How Mediated Learning can help:
*Intentionality & Reciprocity-the parent encourages short term recall
*Meaning-the parent mediates a strategy to aid memorization
*Self-Regulation- the parent encourages self-monitoring of behaviour by instilling good habits

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