Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wednesday November 17

There was a lot of this today...
But driving through that was worth it to say goodbye to our dear friend Inez who is moving far away. And I kicked her butt in Skip-bo 4 times in a row as a farewell reminder of what she will miss now that she's gone. (Inez is one of the few who sees the true me when I play cards. For all others I hold back. The only other exceptions being my man, Jeep, and my sister, Amy)
And we read books with Inez
And learned about the parts of France where Amy lives
Then ran around and played soccer in Inez's house
Then learned about self-regulation and not playing soccer in the house
Then turned on the TV and watched Olivia
Had many discussions on homeland security and screening machines
Then went to the library
Then drove home
And Harry helped me make dinner...
Now a tough decision. How to end the day?
Tea and a new book? or
Snuggle with hubby and watch an old classic or my favourite movie, Mostly Martha*

Snuggling wins out every time.

*Mostly Martha is my favourite movie. It is a foreign film and I highly recommend it. A few years after Mostly Martha, Hollywood came out with their version called No Reservations. I refused to watch this film for two years because I loathed the idea of the big-wigs turning this special movie into another Hollywood sappy ideology. However, I eventually watched No Reservations and found that it didn't completely destroy the integrity of the film. It was a little too americanized for my taste but in the end, it had a quaint conclusion and some good qualities. That being said Mostly Martha is the original and much better as the film is very subtle and more true to life and human. Enough rambling about this film...I need to just go and watch it.

Bon Appetit Everyone!

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