Sunday, November 7, 2010

Precision and Accuracy: Human Figure Drawing

My eldest and I have been working on Precision and Accuracy lately.
In that, I want her to focus on what she is pay attention and be aware of what she's doing and if she is doing things precisely and accurately.

One tool that is helping us is the Human Figure Drawing.

Before we got started we discussed terms.
After all, the last time I asked her to draw a human figure, I was shocked to get a skeleton.
Then we started to draw.
I used the checklist that we've been given from the workshops and I paid attention to how she was the drawing the picture.

The first thing we discussed was her attention to the instructions. I had asked her to draw a person. She had wanted to draw a picture of two people.
We had a discussion about the importance of following instructions exactly as they are given.
There were plenty of bridging opportunities (cookie recipes, the dinosaur we made earlier this year, doctors performing surgery).
We also discussed the length of the arms, the numbers of fingers the characters had and facial details.
It is very important to leave this activity in a place of success, so I spent some time pointing out all the benefits of the picture and complimented several areas where her work was especially precise and/or accurate.

Two weeks later, we reviewed our last attempt. We talked about what was right and what needed improving. Then she got right to the task of drawing.
And here were the results:
Much improved!

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