Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cognitive Function in Input Phase: Consider more than one source of information

When this Cognitive Function is adequate the child will:

*think about two or more sources of information aat the same time
*gather data from various sources
*perceive an issue from different points of view
*examine more than one aspect of a situation in order to see the relationship, connection, or links between them.
*use two elements as sources of data for comparison whenever a problem is confronted

When this Cognitive Function is inadequate the child will:

*tend to focus on and take into account only one of the dimensions of alternatives
*consider only some of the information needed to complete an assignment/task or solve a problem
*be unable to recall all of the facts needed for completing a task
*recall disjointed pieces of information and not be able to put them together to form a meaningful whole
*engage in egocentric behaviour

Strategies to Correct Impaired Capacity to Consider more than one Source of Information

Areas you can focus on:
*Intentionality & Reciprocity-the parent points out to the child the need to consider two sources of information;
*Meaning-The parent points out how mistakes can be avoided by using all the relevant information.
*Bridging-The parent bridges a skill to related situations

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