Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cognitive Function in Input Phase: Receptive Verbal Tools and Concepts

If the cognitive function of Receptive Verbal Tools and Conceptst is precise and accurate, the child will:

-know the meaning of words and related concepts to understand incoming information.
-utilize language as a means to receive information
-utilize language as a mean for reasoning and communicating in social situations
-listen to and process the language, which necessitates the knowledge grammar, semantics, and pragmatics

If the cognitive function of Receptive Verbal Tools and Concepts is impaired, the child will:
-listen and understand spoken language imprecisely even though their hearing is fine
-misunderstand instructions and questions
-have poor ability to comprehend incoming language which will impede their understanding

Strategies to Correct Impaired Verbal Skills

Areas to Mediate:
-Competence- the parent adapts the task to the child's level of language competence
-Transcendence- the parent reinforces concepts using examples from the child's environment
-Meaning- the parent encourages meaningful use of language

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