Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cognitive Function in Input Phase: Understanding Spatial Concepts

When this Cognitive Function is adequate the child will:
*understand how objects or people are physically positioned in space
*accurately locate oneself in relation to others or objects (ie. to formulate a personal reference system)
*access the relationships among objects or people
*use labels that describe positions in space (left and right)

When this Cognitive Function is inadequate the child will:
*lack labels for adequately describing positions and relationships among objects (ie. in front of, on top of, out, in)
*not have an established personal spatial reference system (ie. left and right)
*experience difficulty in accepting the relativity of personal space (ie. my left may be your right)
*lack the ability to plan the use of space efficiently and appropriately
*need to physically show and point rather than describe a set of directions
*have difficulty locating him or himself mentally in space

Strategies to Correct Impaired Spatial Concepts
Areas you can focus on:

*Intentionality and Reciprocity-the parent provides an opportunity ti experience space
*Bridging- the parent expands ideas
*Self-Regulation-the parent encourages the child to rely on his or her own resources

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