Sunday, November 7, 2010

Lies Parents Believe

Lie: Things will never change with my child.

Every day we are bombarded with lies.
Our enemy, satan, is the father of lies. Lying and deception is a weapon he wields skillfully. And sometimes we buy the lie--hook, line and sinker.
But Christ has set us free from lies--for He is TRUTH.
An unyielding, unbending, strong and shining beacon of TRUTH.

And as He has said, "The truth will set us free."

Here is the truth regarding your child:

Change is possible.
You are not stuck in a rut. You are not going to have to just grin and bear the next five (or seven or twelve) years of your child's life until they are old enough to move out.
Change is possible.


With God all things are possible.

You have Mediated Learning tools in your hands.
You see the potential, but you wonder if this will even work. Will it be just another thing to add to a growing list of "tried that, but it didn't work" ?

Can I challenge you on something?
Can I be bold with you?
Stop believing the lie that things will never change for you and your child.
Just stop it.
Fall on your face before God and ask forgiveness for believing that you and your child are stuck.

You aren't stuck.
Change is possible.

And the first step toward change is a heart that can freely believe that with God all things are possible.

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Anonymous said...

Very true, how we believe lies all to often, about our kids, and about ourselves. This was a great post!

Bless you