Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tuesday January 5 2011

The day dawned and we got busy with devotions, reading and somersaulting on the couch.

|Mosaics and snuggling on the couch

Then off to the neighbours--because guess what? We got new neighbours and guess what??? They homeschool!
As they are settling in and painting rooms, we go over for a few hours to homeschool together so their Mom can get two hours of "work" down followed by great conversations with yours truly ;)
The adventures begin!

Tanagram Tales--a great story book that has you tell a story using tanagrams to make the characters. Pictured here is the Bossy Rooster.
We then spent a great deal of time with water
floating,sinking,pouring, splashing

making waves and learning about energy and reflection
An Egyptian water clock
Back home where Link In Log mania continues
And Link In log house is demolished!
A quick game of Uno before ...
driving in the drifting snow
But it leads to the library and a bag full of book goodies

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